Really Bad Idea

Really Bad Idea is a party game. Gather around with your friends, open up the app and hit the ominously titled "Create Bad Idea" button to see what odious series of texts will be queued up for you to send.

Will you chicken out and hit shuffle? Will you send one or two then stop? Or ... will you have the courage to send the entire set of texts?

Really Bad Idea - iOS

Really Bad Idea - Android

Doggie Treat Warrior

Korporeal’s first title is Doggy Treat Warrior (DTW), a platformer that follows Duke on his mission to find treats hurled randomly from his thoughtless master into various corners, cracks and crevasses of his home. To do this, Duke fantastically is transformed (in his mind) to a stereotypical 80s gritty action hero persona with a dash of secret agent flare. Duke is faced with embodiments of the various typical fears most dogs have: Crazy Cats, Vacuum Cleaners, Squirrels, Bath Tubs and others to be announced. But fear not! With his trusty secret mission wrist watch, and help from his loyal but unique friends and a little skill, Duke will complete his missions.

Doggie Treat Warrior - iOS

Doggie Treat Warrior - Android